Tuesday, 16 September 2008


My Little Brother thinks it's unfair that Figaro gets a blog (because she's got a picture on here) and Wolfy doesn't. So here, to make it up to Wolfy and my Little Brother here is a picture of Wolfy (aka Vicious Killer Cat)!

Good Luck Everyone!

I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to all the lovely people on the WDWIP website for their phone interviews :)

You're all absolutely wonderful and I hope your interviews go well! Remember Lucca is really nice and she knows how nervous everyone's going to be. Just be yourself, you got this far because Yummy Jobs thought you had a Disney "something", and you applied for your love of Disney. You'll all do fine :)

And to everyon who's already had theirs, WELL DONE! Now we just have to wait and see what happens.

Fingers crossed for you all!


Monday, 15 September 2008

For Amusement Purposes...

I thought it may be amusing to keep a record of a post I wrote on one of my various websites within minutes of finishing my phone interview...

Oooh my God I've just had a phone interview to work at Disney World next summer. THAT WAS THE SCARIEST THING I'VE EVER DONE!!I want this job soooo much, it would be an absolute dream come true! I don't know how I'll get through however many weeks until I hear if I get the next interview or not!!AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!So, any advice on how to get through the next (3???) weeks without having a nervous breakdown?

Much more interesting than the calm recount several hours later, don't you think?!

The Phone Interview!

So today I got my phonecall!
That 10 minute phonecall was THE scariest experience EVER! It was all very informal, Lucca was very nice and tried to reassure me that there was no need to be nervous. All I was asked was -
- Confirm my details, E-Mail Address, D.O.B., University, Course, did I have a British passport etc
- What departure date I would like out of a choice of 3. I picked the latest one, June 21st (SORRY FROSTY I'LL BUY YOU AN EXTRA SPECIAL PRESENT!) so I would be able to spend a couple of weeks at home before jetting off!
- Do I have any tattoos or body piercings?
- Am I ok about sharing a room with someone from a different nationality?
- Would I be able to cope with long hours, 6 day weeks and Florida heat?
- On a scale of 1-10 how well do I get along with people I work with?
- Why do I want to work at Disney?
- Do I cope well with new situations? Like what?
- Do I often get bored at work?
- Did I have any questions?
And that was it! Barely a 10 minute conversation! Seemed a little anti-climactic after the absolute PANICKING I was doing from last night onwards! I was so close to hyperventilating by the time 11am came around! I think I managed to "bounce" anyway, no matter how un-bouncy I felt at the time! I feel panicky again just remembering it!
I immediately posted what I could remember from it on the http://www.wdwip.com/ discussion board to help out some other people (including the person who managed to pinch the 11.30 spot I wanted!). Then I came downstairs to tell Mum, who was frantically playing Solitaire while she waited for me! We then went out to the charity shop and the tip, then she treated me to a Bacon Butty and some chocolate to calm me down. I was shaking for quite a while after I finished on the phone! So now I have 3 weeks to wait until I hear one way or another about a Face to Face interview [F2F].
Wish me luck!
Fingers Crossed,

The situation so far...

I sent off my application to Yummy Jobs for the ICP 2009 on the 2nd August 2008 (the day after applications were starting being accepted! What can I say, I want this job!!).

I heard back on the 4th to say that they would be contacting me in 6-8 weeks.

On the 12th September I got an email off a LOVELY lady, Lucca, asking when I'd like my phone interview!! Oh I was so excited, well not so excited as mum who literally screamed when I told her I'd been offered an interview!! I replied straight away asking for an interview on the first possible day.

I got a reply saying that the time I'd asked for (11.30am) was no longer available, how about 11 or 11.45? Of course I went for 11, I really did want this ASAP!!