Saturday, 17 January 2009

Slightly Calmer!

I realised that I haven't written anything since my squeaky outburst, so I should maybe add a slightly more sane and detailed post!

So I had my interview, I don't remember much about it anymore though, but we'll see what I can do!

I had to go to a university in a city 4 hours away, and so I was going to stay in a hotel the night before. Due to the wonders of Facebook I was chatting to a lovely Northern girl and we arranged to share a hotel. She drove there, and so I got a lift to the interview the next morning, thank yoooou :)

We got there and met a group of rather nervous interviewees! We sat around chatting for a bit, then went to watch/listen to a presentation telling us about the experience and what was involved and things. We were then given our interview times and sent off for lunch in the university canteen.

I eventually got called through, had all my documents checked by Yummy Jobs and sorted things like what name and location to have put on my Cast Member badge. I chose "Charli" and my village, since I figured no-one would know any of the cities nearby anyway!

We then waited a little longer and then me and a boy (well not boy but not man either...male human of my age! lol) got taken through by the interviewer. He was absolutely lovely! A really chatty, friendly man (the interviewer), which was unsurprising, he was American after all! Even better he was from Chicago, Illinois, which instantly endeared him to me as I've spent a lot of time in Chicago :)

We (not necessarily both) got asked questions like -

- Favourite character? (I didn't get this one and I rehearsed it for AGES! LOL)
- Why do you want to work at Disney?
- What's the difference between Disneyland Paris and Disney World? (this one totally threw me and I don't get the relevance!! lol)
- Questions about stuff on our CV, like I was asked about the American Exchange I went on, the other guy was asked about his volunteer type stuff abroad.
- What will you be doing when you leave here today? Then as I said I was hoping to get back in time for fencing I was asked how I got into fencing (I hear it's not big in America)
- He made absolutely sure we realised how hot it would be
- If you could work in ANY park which would it be and why?
-And the other guy got asked why he did Chemistry

I then waiting for my friend to finish her interview, and she gave me a lift back to the station :)

We were expecting to hear back in either two or four weeks (as Christmas and New Year was in the three weeks that most people heard back in). Then about 5 days later we got our emails through! WOW!

So I fly out on June 21st and I'm in the Custodial role. That's basically going round keeping the parks and rides clean, but mostly I wanted that one for the huge amount of guest interaction :)

I'm soooo excited! And from all the people I met on the day and then added on Facebook or have seen on I haven't seen any who didn't also get through :) Which is great, they were all so amazing!

I'm really looking forward to going, I'll be working from June 21st til August 28th then I get 30 days of travel afterwards :D During the travel time I'll either be meeting Dad and Sister and going to Canada for a week or so to meet other people with our surname, or I'll just be heading over see my American Friend for the whole time!

Well, I say American Friend, he is now actually my American Boyfriend :D (see my other blog for more info on that turn of events!!)

Basically, all is great and I'm looking forward to spending my summer in America working for The Mouse! :D



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Janet said...

It does sound a lot more sane and less squeaky written down that SHRIEKED in my ears :-)
You are going to have a FANTASTIC time, and I can't wait to see you in your lovely costume (!!!) or to bring your brother and possibly baby sister to see you :-)
Lots of love