Thursday, 30 October 2008


Woo hoo! I got an email last night offering me my interview date! It's more than a little awkward, but we can work around that. Who needs a good degree when you get to work for a mouse all summer?? :P

It wasn't at the venue I'd hoped for, but it was at the "obvious" venue for me. I'll be going the night before, there is no way I'm making that journey in the morning! Too long, would start too early, and I'd be tired and grumpy when I got there. MUST . BE . IN . GOOD . MOOD !

Oooh it's all scary and exciting!!!


Alix said...
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Alix said...

For some reason every time i log in the website seems to want to post the last comment i made....wierd. Anyway yaaaaaaaaay it soon?

Charli said...

10the December I think...?